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Meditation for Peace
or Twin Heart Meditation

A powerful tool to achieve well-being, self-healing and personal growth while also being an act of service to our planet which contributes to spreading the seeds of peace, loving energy and goodwill.

This exceptional meditation was derived from ancient secret teachings on the knowledge that certain energy centers in the body are doorways to higher levels and horizons of consciousness. "Twin Hearts" refers to the energy centers of the heart and the crown. The heart chakra, in the middle of the chest, is the centre of higher emotions such as compassion, love, joy, mercy and consideration of others. The crown chakra, also called the spiritual heart, is on the vey top of the head and is the energy point for devine energy generating higher spiritual consciuosness.

To achieve illumination or cosmic consciousness it is necessary to sufficiently activate the crown centre, which in turn is only possible when the heart chakra is properly activated. Thus, it is through the development of one's higher emotions that it is possibleto expand one's consciousness and to experience divine love.


It has been recorded that with regular practice fo this meditation one can achieve:
  • A considerable expansion and harmonisation of the energetic bodies, chakras and auras, in addition to them becoming stronger and more dynamic;
  • Well-being and healing at the physical and psychological level through relaxation, calming mind and emotions, significantly reducing stress, increasing self-confidence and internal peace and helping in harmonising relationships;
  • Improvement of learning capacities, intelligence, creativity and intuition;
  • Spiritual growth and personal transformation.
Scientific investigations show Twin Heart Meditation to have a significant stress reducing, balancing and energising effect.

For more information, please look at: www.pranichealinguk.org

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